On-Site – Camera – Set up a New Camera


SKU: 23010031.

Product Description

It’s so much more than point and click these days – get a Geek to optimize your settings and show you how to get those pics on your computer.

What you get

•Setup software supplied with the camera
•Overview basic functionality

•Demonstrate how to transfer media to a computer

PRICING. In addition to the costs of materials and shipping,
Services performed during Standard Service Hours shall cost $149.99 and
$79.99 each our after that.
per hour, as reflected in the Statement of Work Order.
All trips will have a one (1) hour minimum charge per trip which is included in price of $149.99.

$60.00 will be charged if there is a cancelled Service Call by client. A Service
Call is deemed cancelled when Buyer terminates the Service Call
subsequent to the opening of a work order.


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